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Dahse was a New York based publication showcasing creative inspiration in the arts and fashion. They sought out passionate artists locally and internationally, emerging and established, with a defined focus on bringing our readers timeless beauty and creativity in its purest form. The Dahse platforms included print, the iPad, and digital, with no attachments to any one medium. The Dahse team consisted of a small and close-knit, independently minded group of artists of various disciplines. Dahse originated from their collective observation that the influential publishers do an excellent job of capturing what is ‘of the moment’, but that isn’t necessarily what inspires. The Dahse approach to publishing strayed off this beaten path, for they remained indifferent to the noises of what is trending, and instead focus on curating what they felt was exceptional.

This was their website.
Content is from the site's 2012- 2014 archived pages and other sources.

A Message from the Editor in Chief: The Birth of Dahse

A very well known and respected editor from one of the biggest publication houses recently said that fashion is not as fun as it used to be, and pointed out that commercialism is killing creativity. I could not agree more.

When I browse through the majority of magazines it takes far too long to get past the advertisements and find the real content. When I finally arrive at the editorials I find the bias of the multiple advertisers permeating the magazine's imagery - it still feels as though I am being sold something. The same photographers and the same models are hired repeatedly across the industry, leaving less opportunities for newer faces to be seen. The interviews are typically with a celebrity of the moment whom you already have heard too much about. I cannot help but feel that the people at the helm are following a formula built around what is likely to sell to the widest audience, which in essence centers on repeating what has already proven popular and avoiding anything new.

Dahse is an alternative. We admire artists, designers, and musicians with creative vision and inspiring work. We want to know what inspires these people, we want to take their words and thoughts and use them to inspire you. We want to present artistic fashion editorials that highlight the work of designers that we think are brilliant, regardless of how much they fund our issues. Our leadership comes from the creative department, not the advertising department.


DAHSE lies at the boundaries between contemporary art, photography and fashion. We celebrate the exceptionally artistic within each field, and with the view that forward-looking creativity is often difficult to categorize, we embrace the ambiguous and difficult to define. Our aesthetic is minimalistic, serene, understated, thoughtful, ethereal, and pure. We are based in New York, with contributors around the world and a focus on both emerging and established creatives. In an environment where journalistic relevance is increasingly measured by commercial success and mainstream acceptance, we diverge from this beaten path and simply curate what we feel is exceptional.

"I was a huge fan of this incredible art magazine and really miss their gorgeous photos and fascinating articles. I was introduced to it when staying at a very high end Aina Nalu rental in Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It was on the coffee table and I considered it part of the luxurious surroundings. This was a magazine that was truly "curated" rather than edited, and every page was an example of artistic reflection and balance. I could not find any copies of it on the island, but when I returned to NYC, I was able to locate several copies which I will always keep, especially now that there will be no more published. What a loss!!" Brenda Tolson



Print editions of Dahse are sold at select international newsstands, bookstores, boutiques and galleries in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom,  and Japan. 


An Interview with Film Photographer Jessica Trafford

24 October, 2012 dahse writers

This is the transcript of our interview with photographer Jessica Trafford titled “Incarnations of Hazed Memories”, from our Spring 2012 print issue.   Jessica transforms basic everyday subject matter into something ethereal. She hones in on the most simple components of everyday life, yet the composition, the aura, and the reaction you have go beyond [...]


An Interview with Berlin Based Artist Lars Teichmann

12 October, 2012 dahse writers

It’s unfortunate, or perphaps fortunate depending on how you look at it, that it quite often takes tragedy, a void, emptiness, or some sort of pain to fuel exceptional creativity. Creativity can sometimes be the only escape from difficulty for a child, it can be the only means to fill a painful void. It’s a [...]


The Dual Cover Autumn/Winter Print Issue of Dahse

3 October, 2012 dahse writers

Cover 1: Diana @ IMG wearing Yves Saint Laurent photographed by Astrid Sterner styled by Angela Esteban Librero hair by Kenshin Asano makeup by Fara Homidi   Cover 2: Milana @ Women wearing Dolce & Gabbana Photographed by Astrid Sterner Styled by Sunita Kumar Makeup by Fara Homidi Hair by Song Hee


Digitally Manipulated Photography by Michal Mozolewski

27 September, 2012 dahse writers

Michal Mozolewski is a Gdansk, Poland  based artist who intersects the lines of impressionist art, photography and digital illustration. At the foundation of each work is a photograph, which is digitally manipulated in color, texture, and composition. There are prominent brush strokes which give the images the feel of hand made paintings as they defy [...]


Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years / Now through 31 December 2012 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

21 September, 2012 dahse writers

It’s hard not to recognize the work of Andy Warhol with his iconic signature pop art style. While most exhibitions in the past have highlighted his personal works as an artist, The Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York just opened a new exhibition which takes his art a step further. Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, [...]


Tre Pezzi Wool Chair by Franco Albini for Cassina

19 September, 2012 dahse writers

Cassina has released 100 limited edition Tre Pezzi Wool armchairs designed by Franco Albini in collaboration with Franca Helg. The limited edition reinterpretation of the armchair features black Mongolian goat hair, coupled with a matte black varnished steel tubular frame. Each piece is branded with the Cassina I Maestri logo, the signature of the author, [...]


London Design Festival 14-23 September

12 September, 2012 dahse writers

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the London Design Festival. The Festival has historically showcased a wide range of projects from large scale installations in public venues to commissioned projects in museums and galleries.  This year should certainly be worth the flight with over 200 events planned. You can download the detailed guide here. Here [...]


The Extension Chair by Sjoerd Vroonland for Moooi (VIDEO)

10 September, 2012 dahse writers

Moooi just shared a video introduction to their Extension Chair, with commentary from the designer Sjoerd Vroonland. This seater has a simple and elegant design, but it’s distinguishing trait is a customizable back post which can be used as a hanger, note holder, bag hook, or even a mirror. The designer found inspiration in nature, observing [...]


Suspension Lamps by Foscarini

24 August, 2012 dahse writers

We love the elegance and clean lines characteristic of designs by Foscarini, their newest suspension lamps are certainly no exception. Behive, Jamaica, and Plass are stunning pieces suitable for a commercial or residential setting.  The shapes are organic and have alluring poetic flow on the exterior, but in signature Foscarini style, there is extensive engineering [...]


Final Weeks of Damien Hirst at the Tate Modern

24 August, 2012 dahse writers

If you happen to be in London between now and the 9th of September, this is your last chance to see the work of one of the most influential (and certainly one of the most publicised) artists of our time, Damien Hirst. The exhibition at the Tate Modern has been running since late Spring, and [...]

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  • Final Weeks of Damien Hirst at the Tate Modern
  • If you happen to be in London between now and the 9th...
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  • It’s hard not to recognize the work of Andy Warhol with his...

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  • Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years / Now through 31 December 2012 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


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Atelier TOZF Presents Photography Exhibition “Strangeness”

From 7 – 22 November 2014, Atelier TOZF in Paris, France will be presenting a group photographic exhibition titled “Strangeness.” The spirit of the show is to present works that blur the...

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Allude Spring/Summer 2015 RTW

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DAHSE Editorial (AW2014): “The Forest” by Iga Drobisz

photography by IGA DROBISZ fashion direction by IGA DROBISZ & FAUSTYNA KLABUN makeup & hair by JANINA ZAIS & JULIA JUNGLAS models ANNIKA-MARIE, ALINE & JADA at MODELWERK, HELENE at...

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Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring/Summer 2015 Runway

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marco sanges photography 2<